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Gerard Flores and Arthur Bryan Marroquin have come from different acting markets across the US. They've booked work in Austin, Tx, and Atlanta, Ga and have now found themselves in the over-saturated acting pool that is LA. After getting representation, most people think the jobs start pouring in...but that's definitely NOT the case.

In this day and age, opportunities don't come wrapped in a silver package with a bow, with that being the case they got together and wrote "Just Living"

A little more about the creators...

  • Arthur Bryan Marroquin (Actor/Creator/Writer) stars as Charlie, the hopeless romantic, in Just Living.  Arthur has also been seen in Lazer Team, Urban Country, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and commercials for Subway, Dell, Hyundai and Gushers.  He runs a headshot business that operates in LA, TX, and NYC. 

  • Gerard Flores (Actor/Creator/Writer) stars as Gustavo, the larger than life free spirit in the group.  Gerard has an impressive resume that spans from many popular televisions in Argentina, and other impressive US credits such as From Dusk Till Dawn, Harbinger: The Movie and many national and international commercials ( AT&T/Direct TV, Weber, Miller, Hershey's and more ).

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